If you are looking for a growing, supportive fellowship who will equip, encourage and assist your church, leaders and community, then we would love for you to contact us.

All ministers and churches, regardless of denomination, which believe and agree in the principles, nature and purpose of Victory Ministries may submit an application to become a part of the fellowship.

Local churches that qualify for affiliation will receive a membership certificate identifying them with Victory Ministries, Inc. These certificates are renewable annually on a calendar year basis.

We offer members through Victory Ministries Incorporated certified ministry ordination and licensing.


LICENSING - Qualifies a member to preach or teach, obtain ministerial entrance into hospitals and jails, and to perform most, if not all, of the ministerial functions of a church including baptism and communion.  As state laws pertaining to the solemnization of marriages vary, it is extremely important for licensed ministers to check with the proper authorities in their state of residence to determine if they may legally do so.

ORDINATION - Entitles a member to all the privileges of an ordained minister.  This ordination qualifies one to perform all the required ministerial duties of the church including marriages, baptisms, burials, and communion.

 Please contact us at 304-733-4423 or fill out our contact form, and request a
V.M.I. Application Packet or to help answer any questions you may have.